A talented young designer, the constant search for inspirations and precious materials, craftsmanship, attention to detail. All this is Sara’s Idea, a line of wedding favors and objects designed and created with passion and love, the excellence of Made in Italy, for original creations. Sara’s world is made of dreams, has the colors of fairy tales and special occasions.

Pastel colors, delicate fabrics like clouds, ribbons, flowers, embroidery, the scent of soaps and Capodimonte porcelain give Sara’s Idea collections warmth and magic. A magic to experience every day, not only through the sweet cadeaux, custodians of memories and emotions, but also with elements to be used in everyday life, capable of giving joy to the home and to those who live there.

Creative, authentic, symbolic, special objects because they are handmade as they once were, unique because they are born of ideas and projects with an unmistakable style. The Sara’s collections are distributed throughout Italy and their success is given by the union between tradition, art and innovation, elements present in every single article.